Anywhere Fireplace Tribeca II Floor Standing Fireplace in Satin Black

$399.99 $779.00

$399.99 $779.00

  • Satin Black finish
  • Tempered glass in front
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Uses clean burning fuel
  • Does not produce soot or ash
  • No ventilation and no electricity needed
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Stands on any floor
  • Easily convert to a wall-mount fireplace
  • Uses liquid bio-ethanol fuel for fireplaces, sold and shipped separately

The simple, elegant design and the beautiful satin black finish of the Tribeca II model Anywhere Fireplace™ on a stand will create a dramatic statement and add architectural interest to any room. Just place it on the floor in any room and your guest will be impressed at the style and sophistication it adds to any décor, traditional to contemporary. Assembles easily in just a few minutes. An additional feature of the Tribeca II  Anywhere Fireplace™ is that if you would ever want to change it to hang on a wall instead of sitting on the floor, you can purchase the wall  brackets, remove the base and it will easily convert to a wall-mount fireplace. Truly one of a kind fireplace that will give you the real dancing flames a fireplace, but without construction, connections and without the hassle of smoke, fumes, soot or smell. Totally clean and beautiful for you to enjoy anywhere.     

- Black satin painted finish with tempered glass in front.

- Ventless, needs no chimney, no gas or electric hook up

- Burns using a Liquid Ethanol for fireplaces*

- Stands on any level surface (wall mount brackets are available)

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Anywhere Fireplace


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Anywhere Fireplace

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$399.99 $779.00

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