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Berhardt Furniture Company is a true industrial American icon in every sense. Founded by J.M. Bernhardt over 125 years ago, Bernhardt Furniture is an American family-owned company that has called Lenoir, North Carolina its home since the very beginning. J.M Bernhardt a... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Allure Collection

A modern approach to neoclassicism, Allure finds inspiration in the forms and shapes of Regency and Louis XVI furnishings softened by subtle fini ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Auberge Collection

Transform a simple space into a memorable home filled with pieces that feel like they're one-of-a-kind with the Auberge Collection's casually ele ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Axiom Collection

With its contemporary appeal and attention to craftsmanship, Axiom is a transitional furniture collection that refuses to play by the rules. Vene ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Bernhardt Interiors Collection

Art expresses feeling and thought, without a word spoken. As does artful furniture. It is our pleasure to design and craft artful furniture, thro ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Calista Collection

Calista is a captivating transitional collection filled with dazzling surprises. A lustrous Silken Pearl finish blends perfectly with silver leaf ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Campania Collection

A rustic traditional collection, Campania breaks conventional boundaries by offering pieces that have both ornamentation and casual appeal. Cant ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Criteria Collection

Centered around simple shapes, mono-chromatic tones, and luxurious materials, the Criteria collection ushers in a new era of modern glamour. Piec ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Decorage Collection

Decorage excels at pairing touches of glamour with a modern sense of style. Its sleek lines are paired with metal that sparkles and pops, while a ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Domaine Blanc Collection

Domaine Blanc is a neo-traditional collection where classic forms are updated with subtle flourishes. A Dove White finish is found on sandblasted ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture East Hampton Collection

On the surface, East Hampton has a minimalistic sensibility, but a subtle sophistication shines through in its unique finishes and forms. A light ... (read more)

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Bernhardt Furniture Highland Park Collection

With hints of farmhouse and mid-century styling, the Highland Park collection is intentionally eclectic, meant to combine seamlessly with everyth ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Jet Set Collection

Some living spaces crave a touch of glamour, a burst of energy, or a subtle pop that turns heads.  Combining a fresh sense of style with a n ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Linea Collection

Clean lines. Casual finishes. Primal forms. This rustic modern collection delivers a sophisticated sense of style for today’s homes. Wire brushed ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Marquesa Collection

Creating a sophisticated look while maintaining a casual comfort is the goal of Marquesa, a neo-traditional collection by Bernhardt. With classic ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Mosaic Collection

A rustic modern collection, Mosaic delivers clean lines with subtle strokes of sophistication. Quartered white oak is finished with a cerusing te ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Rustic Patina Collection

Sophisticated yet livable, Rustic Patina offers traditional designs perfectly modernized for today’s casual living spaces. With roots in En ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Santa Barbara Collection

With its attention to detail and artistry, Santa Barbara is a traditional furniture collection offering classic forms complemented by lighter and ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Salon Collection

Steeped in classicism, with an eclectic silhouette, this Salon Collection by Bernhardt heightens any bedroom with its unique styling. Traditiona ... (read more)

Bernhardt Furniture Savoy Place Collection

With Savoy Place, classic forms meet glamorous design elements, creating a neo-traditional furniture collection that will be right at home in any ... (read more)
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  1. Bed (219)
  2. Nightstand (80)
  3. Dresser (49)
  4. Chest (43)
  5. Mirror (41)
  6. Bench (28)
  7. Bedroom Set (26)
  1. Arch (8)
  2. Canopy (9)
  3. Headboard (51)
  4. Other (3)
  5. Panel (189)
  6. Platform (11)
  7. Poster (5)
  8. Arch (8)
  9. Canopy (9)
  10. Headboard (51)
  11. Other (3)
  12. Panel (189)
  13. Platform (11)
  14. Poster (5)
  15. Sleigh (13)
  1. Other (1)
  2. Other (1)
  1. Wood (290)
  2. Upholstered (200)
  3. Fabric (125)
  4. Steel (46)
  5. Glass (27)
  6. Metal (20)
  7. Marble (11)
  8. Aluminum (2)
  9. Fabric (125)
  10. Glass (27)
  11. Granite (2)
  12. Leather (6)
  13. Marble (11)
  14. Metal (20)
  15. Other (2)
  16. Steel (46)
  17. Upholstered (200)
  18. Wood (290)
  1. Espresso (118)
  2. Other Colors (62)
  3. White (60)
  4. Gray (52)
  5. Taupe (23)
  6. Silver (20)
  7. Brown (18)
  8. Ash (1)
  9. Beige (14)
  10. Bisque (1)
  11. Brown (18)
  12. Charcoal (8)
  13. Espresso (118)
  14. Gold (2)
  15. Graphite (5)
  16. Gray (52)
  17. Grayish Brown (13)
  18. Grey Patina (2)
  19. Light (3)
  20. Linen White (8)
  21. Mocha (1)
  22. Oak (5)
  23. Other Colors (62)
  24. Pecan (3)
  25. Sand Brown (13)
  26. Sandstone (12)
  27. Silver (20)
  28. Smoke (3)
  29. Taupe (23)
  30. Truffle (1)
  31. Walnut (5)
  32. White (60)

Berhardt Furniture Company is a true industrial American icon in every sense. Founded by J.M. Bernhardt over 125 years ago, Bernhardt Furniture is an American family-owned company that has called Lenoir, North Carolina its home since the very beginning.

J.M Bernhardt and his brother Lynn were orphaned in the 1860s after losing both of their parents, and to support themselves they went to work in a local general store. While Lynn remained in the retail field, J.M. later ventured west to Oregon where he became a logger and nearly died from a dangerous bout of pneumonia. A few years later, with a new lease on life and an expanded understanding of all this country had to offer, J.M. returned to Lenoir with a desire to build an industry to support the local economy and to give back to the community – a community that had provided love and support to the Bernhardt family.

A true American pioneer, J.M. Bernhardt used his knowledge of the logging industry to start his own sawmill, eventually organizing a company to build furniture from the lumber he purchased. Over time, Bernhardt Furniture, and J.M. himself, began to create an impeccable reputation of quality and value – a reputation that remains with the company to this day.

Bernhardt Furniture’s extensive history is reflected in its furnishings, giving the buyer the solid craftsmanship for which the company has long been known. Bedroom Furniture Discounts is proud to offer Bernhardt Furniture to its customers, knowing that we can stand by their furnishings as being among the most desirable in the industry.

If you are looking to incorporate an elegant, American style into your home, see our extensive selection of Bernhardt home furnishings. From bedroom sets to individual beds, dressers, nightstands and other items, we offer Bernhardt items to suit every style and budget.

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