Bernhardt Furniture - Chair

Berhardt Furniture Company is a true industrial American icon in every sense. Founded by J.M. Bernhardt over 125 years ago, Bernhardt Furniture is an American family-owned company that has called Lenoir, North Carolina its home since the very beginning.

J.M Bernhardt and his brother Lynn were orphaned in the 1860s after losing both of their parents, and to support themselves they went to work in a local general store. While Lynn remained in the retail field, J.M. later ventured west to Oregon where he became a logger and nearly died from a dangerous bout of pneumonia. A few years later, with a new lease on life and an expanded understanding of all this country had to offer, J.M. returned to Lenoir with a desire to build an industry to support the local economy and to give back to the community – a community that had provided love and support to the Bernhardt family.

A true American pioneer, J.M. Bernhardt used his knowledge of the logging industry to start his own sawmill, eventually organizing a company to build furniture from the lumber he purchased. Over time, Bernhardt Furniture, and J.M. himself, began to create an impeccable reputation of quality and value – a reputation that remains with the company to this day.

Bernhardt Furniture’s extensive history is reflected in its furnishings, giving the buyer the solid craftsmanship for which the company has long been known. Bedroom Furniture Discounts is proud to offer Bernhardt Furniture to its customers, knowing that we can stand by their furnishings as being among the most desirable in the industry.

If you are looking to incorporate an elegant, American style into your home, see our extensive selection of Bernhardt home furnishings. From bedroom sets to individual beds, dressers, nightstands and other items, we offer Bernhardt items to suit every style and budget.

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