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At Emma Mason, we’re all about you, your happiness, and your beautiful home.We want to help you create the room of a lifetime. And we’re going to do it with superior service, irresistible prices, and a big smile. Your Happiness What makes you happy? Probab... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature Astro Park Collection

A rich traditional design and exquisite details come together to create the ultimate in the grand style of the Astro Park Collection by Emma Maso ... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature Carmela Collection

The Carmela Collection by Emma Mason Signature showcases classic Louis Phillipe elegance and comfort with beautifully styled options to give ... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature Cassandra Collection

Instill in your bedroom an atmosphere of sophisticated splendor with the European-inspired Cassandra Collection by Emma Mason Signature. Marked b ... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature Denise Collection

With a relaxed cottage design that features beautiful frame details along with scalloped tops and base mouldings all bathed in a rich black finis ... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature Donna Collection

It's time to update your bedroom with sleek contemporary styling with this bedroom collection. The Donna Collection is finished in an varnish oa ... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature Gracie Collection

With elegant detailing and rich inviting finishes, the Old World beauty of the Emma Mason Signature Gracie Collection transforms the look an ... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature J-Daniel Collection

The true rustic beauty of vintage style has never been brought to life more than with the warm relaxing design of the J-Daniel Collection by Emma ... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature Jairus Collection

The beauty of this Jairus Collection by Emma Mason Signature is a subtle combo of vintage and casual design, which come to life with the aged bro ... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature Jarred Collection

With a clean light gray finish flowing over the Jarred Collection by Emma Mason Signature flawlessly captures the essence of relaxed traditi ... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature Jonathan Collection

The Jonathan Collection by Emma Mason Signature offers the ultimate in modern styling with its sleek appearance, clean simple lines, and glossy s ... (read more)

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Emma Mason Signature Marc Brandy Collection

The Marc Brandy Collection by Emma Mason Signature celebrates the carefree and comfortable style of coastal design. This charming collection ... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature Margarette Collection

Margarette Collection by Emma Mason Signature features two-tone finish in white wash replicated worn through paint with authentic touch and a rep ... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature Miel Rose Collection

Give your bedroom the sophisticated, elegant style of the Miel Rose Collection by Emma Mason Signature. Its sturdy construction of Maple Birch so ... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature Queenie Collection

With the dark brown vintage finish flowing over replicated oak grain and framed panels with horizontal slat details, the beautiful look of the vi ... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature Shauntel Collection

Comfy and casual, the Shauntel Collection by Emma Mason Signature offers everything you need to create your own cozy retreat. Each piece is finel ... (read more)

Emma Mason Signature South Star Collection

Create your own modern, contemporary paradise with a clean and clear feel in your very own bedroom with this South Star Collection by Emma Mason ... (read more)
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  2. Flat Panel (177)
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  25. White (33)

Showing 1 - 16 of 182 product results

Showing 1 - 16 of 182 product results

At Emma Mason, we’re all about you, your happiness, and your beautiful home.

We want to help you create the room of a lifetime. And we’re going to do it with superior service, irresistible prices, and a big smile.

Your Happiness

What makes you happy? Probably not a terrible customer service experience. That’s why we pride ourselves on superior service with a smile.

You’re a person, and we treat you like one. You have a life, and we’re guessing you don’t want to spend it talking to aggressive sales reps, waiting for your furniture, or trying to assemble it yourself. We get it.

Our reps are real, friendly people who care about you, not commissions. We offer free — yes, free — White Glove Delivery on all orders. Your experience with us is as easy and effortless as falling in love with your new bedroom.

Saving boatloads of money isn’t bad for your happiness either. We leverage our close relationships with fine furniture craftsmen to get you the best for way less. Aren’t you the smart shopper?

Please note: In order to secure such extraordinary discounts, we can only accept orders of $999 or more. We don’t specialize in spare parts, we specialize in whole homes.

Who We Are

We’re furniture people, through and through, with over 20 years in the industry and invaluable connections. We’re more than a retailer: we also sell wholesale to other furniture stores.

What’s that mean for you? Exclusive low prices, a vast selection of the top brands, and a trained eye for fine furniture. You know that middleman? Forget him. Consider us your one-way ticket to warehouse prices.

We know how important the right piece is to your home, happiness, and well-being; that’s why we’re constantly adding to our catalogue and negotiating new agreements with more manufacturers.

Based in New York, we started from our brick-and-mortar store in the city that’s still operating. We also partner with distribution warehouses in most states, allowing us to deliver almost everywhere in the US.

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