Homelegance Furniture Collections

Founded in California in 1984, Homelegance, Inc. wholesales furniture in the United States, Canada and other countries in the world. Our catalog includes dining, bedroom, and occasional collections, as well as sofas and chairs, entertainment and home office, youth, fut... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Abbeville Collection

The ever popular Louis Philippe style is updated with functional accoutrements in the Abbeville Collection. Button and bale hardware grace the dr ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Arcadia Collection

Designed for your transitionally styled bedroom is the Arcadia Collection. The two-tone look of the group is achieved with white framing and vari ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Antoinetta Collection

Traditional elements of Old World European styling are blended to create the look of the Antoinetta Collection. Acanthus leaf motif as well as be ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Alonza Collection

Adding a bold touch of glamour to your boudoir is the Alonza Collection. Finished in a brilliant white, the embossed alligator board is reflected ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Allura Collection

Glamour reigns in the design of the Allura Collection. Framing each piece is a decorative beveled mirror accent that enhances the illumination fr ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Alyssa Collection

The Homelegance Alyssa Collection is a quaint addition to your home. Cottage styling features molding and paneling with coordinating knob drawer ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Avondale Collection

The reflection of your glamorous image is one of striking style and classic sophistication, all illuminated by the boldly designed Avondale Colle ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Barbary Collection

The profile and accenting of the Barbary Collection reflects your taste for traditional style. Elegant appointments such as medallion accent, qua ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Bartly Collection

With options that allow for the perfect placement within your bedroom is the Bartly Collection. This transitional bedroom group is featured in a ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Baylesford Collection

Soft, sweeping curves define the elegant profile of the Baylesford Collection. The bedroom is softened by an antique white rub-through finish wit ... (read more)

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Homelegance Furniture Barbour Collection

Transitional styling and modern technology are paired to create the Barbour Collection. The framing of the headboard carries over to the design o ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Beaver Creek Collection

The intersection of transitional design and traditional accenting melds to create the rustic look of the Beaver Creek Collection. Traditional ele ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Beechnut Collection

Blending the elements of contemporary design and rustic aesthetic, the Beechnut Collection is a unique addition to your master, youth or guest be ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Begonia Collection

Casual transitional styling lends versatility to the placement of the Begonia Collection in a number of bedroom settings.The gray finish lends di ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Bethel Collection

An updated classic addition for your transitional bedroom is the Bethel Collection. Traditional accents, such as, turned bun feet that support ea ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Bevelle Collection

Modern glamour is exemplified in the design of the Bevelle Collection. Acrylic crystals frame each piece in the collection, reflecting the light ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Birman Collection

The beauty of transitional styling is the versatility of placement in a number of environments, and the Homelegance Birman Collection exemplifies ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Bolingbrook Collection

Rustic styling intersects with traditional lines in the design of the Bolingbrook Collection. The charcoal finish over pine solids and engineered ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Bonaventure Park Collection

With styling that exemplifies traditional design, the Bonaventure Park Collection exudes sophistication and refined elegance. Cantered pilasters ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Blaire Farm Collection

The transitional styling of the Blaire Farm Collection serves as the perfect complement to the rustic aesthetic that inspired the design. The oku ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Bracco Collection

Casual contemporary styling is achieved in the design of the Bracco Collection. Clean line paneling lends to the modern look, while the solid pin ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Brigette Collection

Dramatically styled for your opulent home, the Brigette Collection’s magnificent profile is the perfect complement to your decorative prefe ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Cardona Collection

The solid transitional styling of the Cardano Collection creates an impactful design presence in your home. Utilizing distinct accent techniques ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Catalonia Collection

Old-World European styling is captured in the dramatically elegant Catalonia Collection. Traditional design elements reign at every turn – egg an ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Cavalier Collection

The Cavalier Collection exemplifies the finest in Old World European design inspiration. Egg and dart base moldings, bead molding, acanthus leaf ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Celandine Collection

The look of traditional design is updated for the modern traditional home in the Homelegance Celandine Bedroom Collection. Crystal tufting immedi ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Chateau Brown Collection

The Homelegance Chateau Brown Collection is a traditional Louis Philippe bedroom offered in a warm distressed cherry finish. This traditional set ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Cinderella Collection

The Homelegance Cinderella Collection is your little girl's dream. The Victorian styling incorporates floral motif hardware, dark cherry finish a ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Copley Collection

The Homelegance Copley Collection features clean contemporary design that will complement any home decor. With economical and environmental conce ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Cotterill Collection

With transitional styling that is at home in a number of decorative environments, the Cotterill Collection will be a versatile addition to your b ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Clematis Collection

Classic Louis Philippe styling will be a perfect fit for your traditional home with the addition of the Clematis Collection. Button and bale hard ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Clementine Collection

With a design as sweet as the name implies, the Clementine Collection will be a bright and classic addition for your children’s sanctuary. Scaled ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Chesky Collection

Contemporary design and convenient functionality intersect in the design of the Chesky Collection. Birch veneer is finished in a warm espresso in ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Cumberland Collection

A classic addition to your transitional bedroom will be the Cumberland Collection. Traditional accents such as, the bun foot that supports each p ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Davi Collection

The modern styling of the Davi Collection is achieved by blending the natural look of wood grain and the clean lines of contemporary design to cr ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Deryn Park Collection

Walking into the bedroom that is occupied by the Deryn Park Collection immediately displays your love of the traditional aesthetic. Stately from ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Dijon Collection

The Homelegance Dijon Bedroom Collection perfectly interprets the timeless design of the Louis Phillippe Bedroom. Unexpected excitement comes fro ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Dijon II Collection

The Homelegance Dijon II Bedroom Collection perfectly interprets the timeless design of the Louis Phillippe Bedroom. Unexpected excitement comes ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Edina Collection

Enhancing the contemporary design of your bedroom is the focus of the Edina Collection. The espresso-hinted cherry finish builds on the unexagger ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Erwan Collection

Taking a nod from contemporary design, the look of the Erwan Collection is a versatile choice for the modern home. A rich espresso finish highlig ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Eunice Collection

Traditional aesthetic doesn’t always have to be grand in scale or accent to achieve a timeless look. The Eunice Collection takes the form o ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Fondren Collection

From the unique design of the shelter headboard to the cleanly defined lines of the case pieces, the Fondren Collection is a study of sophisticat ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Fostoria Collection

Subtle traditional elements blend with classic transitional lines to create the timeless look of the Fostoria Collection. The curve and framing o ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Frazier Collection

With a subtle lodge look that takes inspiration in design history, the classic styling of the Frazier Park Collection will help you create a bedr ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Galen Collection

Providing flexible options to fit any size bedroom is the Galen Collection. This transitional bedroom group is featured in a white finish making ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Garcia Collection

Transitionally styled for your bedroom is the Garcia Collection. Created for versatile placement within a number of environments the louvered pan ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Granbury Collection

Classic traditional styling is updated for your home in the Granbury Collection. Design features that define this timeless look; pewter finish bu ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Grandover Collection

The subtle bowed fronts, fluted moldings and curved base rails soften the feel of the Homelegance Grandover Collection. Whether your taste is tra ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Greenfield Collection

The Homelegance Greenfield Collection takes the refined features of classic lines and creates a modern update of traditional design. Book-matched ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Griggs Collection

The contemporary styling of the Griggs Collection will be the perfect addition to your bedroom. The prominent ash veneer over acacia solids featu ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Gulfton Collection

The modern profile of the Gulfton Collection paired with the natural look of wood, creates a unique offering for your contemporary bedroom. The w ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Hammond Collection

The Homelegance Hammond Bedroom Collection is featured in a merlot finish on select hardwoods and is stylishly accented with satin nickel hardwar ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Hillridge Collection

Styled for the modern traditional home, the design of the Hillridge Collection evokes an air of casual sophistication in your bedroom space. Geom ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Hillcrest Manor Collection

Traditionally styled bedrooms require a sense of grandeur, and the Hillcrest Manor Collection meets the requirement fully. The grandly scaled cas ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Holverson Collection

Danish mid-century modern design is well exemplified in the Raku Collection serving as stylish addition to your bedroom décor. Warm walnut ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Ingrando Collection

Reflecting the modern aesthetic that defines your lifestyle, the Ingrando Collection provides a unique platform to create the bedroom of your dre ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Jerrick Collection

Classic transitional design serves as a base for the natural qualities of the solid wood utilized to create the rustic look of the Jerrick Collec ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Kalette Collection

Kalette Collection by Homelegance Furniture ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Kerren Collection

The visually stunning Kerren Collection is a modern study on line and light. LED enhances the front side of each case piece and top rail of the b ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Korlan Collection

Clean, contemporary styling is a unique feature of the Korlan Collection. The ultra-low profile bed features wide side rails and footboard to ach ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Langston Collection

An updated take on classic country style, the Homelegance Langston Collection blends effortlessly into your cozy bedroom. Cannonball finials top ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Langsat Collection

Book-match mindy veneer immediately draws you eye to the transitionally styled Langsat Collection. The collection versatile brown finish combined ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Larchmont Collection

The striking profile of the Larchmont Collection is an intersection of texture, material and style. The charcoal upholstered bed, that centers th ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Laurelin Collection

Casual transitional styling lends versatility to the placement of the Laurelin Collection in a number of bedroom settings. Black and White sand-t ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Lavonia Collection

Transitional styling is paired with classic appointments and modern technology to create the Lavonia Collection. The eye-catching dramatic curve ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Leavitt Collection

Unfettered transitional styling creates a unique offering for your bedroom in the Leavitt Collection. The framing of the case goods and bed lend ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Liatris Collection

The expected lines of retro design are given a bold update in the Liatris Collection. Bookmatch acacia veneer is highlighted with a gray underton ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Libretto Collection

Utterly feminine from the convex clipped corners of the headboard to the elegant framing of the drawer fronts, the Libretto Collection will be a ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Lonan Collection

With a hint of weathering so popular in industrial styling, the Lonan Collection will fit into the rustic contemporary aesthetic that you look to ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Loudon Collection

The striking design of the Loudon Collection presents as a bold statement of your glamorous inclinations. The champagne metallic finish of the co ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Lucida Collection

Classic traditional styling creates an elegant addition to your home in the Lucida Collection. Bead molding, shell motif, and a round mirror in t ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Lyer Collection

Mixing with industrial and rustic design, Lyer collection will be a perfect fit for your transitionally styled bedroom. Wire-brushed acacia venee ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Lyric Collection

Taking the expected design elements of hard contemporary and putting a decidedly feminine curve into the mix makes the Homelegance Lyric Collecti ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Mandan Collection

The modern lines of the Mandan Collection are blended with transitional aesthetic to create a unique offering for your bedroom. Utilizing printed ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Marianne Collection

The Homelegance Marianne Collection brings the most popular furniture silhouette together with casual painted black finish to create a great choi ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Marston Collection

Refined elegance is exemplified in the design of the Marston Collection. Blending classic design elements to create a warm and welcoming bedroom. ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Mayville Collection

Traditional in design and modest in scale, the elegant Mayville Collection takes its design inspiration from the classic Louis Philippe styling. ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Meghan Collection

Your childs bedroom is their space to grow, learn and play. The elegant, yet whimsical, styling of the Meghan collection will provide the platfor ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Miter Collection

The Miter Collection combines the clean lines of contemporary styling with the look of natural wood grain in this stylish bedroom suite. 3-D prin ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Montvail Collection

A traditional bedroom suite requires a grandiose statement of elegance. The Homelegance Montvail Collection takes the most elegant elements in tr ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Mont Belvieu Collection

When looking to furnish your traditional home, you choose pieces that are timeless. The classic look of the dark cherry finished Mont Belvieu Col ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Narcine Collection

Classic transitional styling takes on a rustic aesthetic in the design of the Narcine Collection. Functional storage space is a concern in any ho ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Norhill Collection

Modern line blend with natural accent to create the look of the Norhill Collection. Wire brushed pine veneer. over pine solids, is enhanced with ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Orion Collection

Providing flexible options to fit any size bedroom is the Orion Collection. This transitional bedroom group is featured in a grey finish making i ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Parnell Collection

Inspired by the aesthetic of modern-rustic design, the Parnell Collection utilized bold enhancement to create the perfect addition to your bedroo ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Paula Collection

The refined European design in Homelegance Paula Collection looks fabulous with its charming modern look. The symmetrical slat design of the head ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Pell Collection

Ultra-modern from the straight lines that defines the profile to the two-tone espresso and white finish, the Pell Collection is a stylish choice ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Pottery Collection

White and black san-through Homelegance Pottery Collection makes for a great retreat look. This old-world charm collection is styled for today's ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Porter Collection

With an intricate design lending to the modern look of the Porter Collection, your bedroom will reflect your taste for sophisticated contemporary ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Quinby Collection

The modern styling of the Quinby Collection is achieved by blending the natural look of wood grain and the clean lines of contemporary design to ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Rachelle Collection

The balance of rusticated accenting and elegant form is exquisitely achieved in the design of the Rachelle Collection. Serving as the focal point ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Raku Collection

Refined elegance is exemplified in the design of the Raku Collection. Classic elements of understated traditional design combined with a barnwood ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Renly Collection

A study in contrast, the Renly Collection blends modern lines and the distinct natural appearance of wood grain to create a unique addition to yo ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Ridgewood Collection

Dramatically designed for maximum eye-catching appeal, the rustic-contemporary Ridgewood Collection blends angles, planes and natural elements to ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Robindell Collection

The modern profile of the Gulfton Collection paired with the natural look of wood, creates a unique offering for your contemporary bedroom. The w ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Rowe Collection

Maximizing sleep space is achieved with the stylish Rowe Collection. This transitional bedroom group is featured in a dark cherry finish making i ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Royal Highlands Collection

Grandly styled for the traditional home is the Royal Highlands Collection. Prominent decorative scrolling adorns the headboard while heavier, car ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Sedley Collection

Whether your home leans to transitional or contemporary design, the Sedley Collection will be the perfect fit for your bedroom. From the distinct ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Seldovia Collection

The subtle modern styling of the Seldovia Collection is a unique blend of elements that combine to create an offering that will be at home in you ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Simpson Collection

Glamorous contemporary design is achieved in the Homelegance Simpson Collection with eye-catching detail. Elaborate wood overlay takes center sta ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Summerlin Collection

Classic elements of contemporary design are executed to create the look of the Summerlin Collection. Modified convex lines provide bold detailing ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Schleiger Collection

Transitionally styled with a burnished brown finish, the Schleiger Collection features bold accenting that lends to a rustic industrial interpret ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Syracuse II Collection

The sleek metropolitan design of Homelegance Syracus Collection brings a rich sophistication into any bedroom. A deep merlot finish accented with ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Tamsin Collection

Subtle traditional elements blend with classic transitional lines to create the timeless look of the Fostoria Collection. The curve and framing o ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Taulon Collection

Classic framing provides elegant contrast to the unique rustic look of the Toulon Collection. Wire-brushed distressing provides texture to the ac ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Terrace Collection

The traditional shape and accenting of Craftsman style are captured in the design of the Terrace Collection. The rustic burnished oak finish of t ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Waldorf Collection

With a transitional look that lends to industrial, rustic and modern styling, the Waldorf Collection is a versatile choice for your bedroom. The ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Weaver Collection

Transitional-rustic styling is expertly achieved in the design of the Weaver Collection. Antique white provides bold contrast to the brown-gray p ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Wellsummer Collection

The modern farm house serves as inspiration for the design of the Wellsummer Collection. Offered in white or gray finish for complete decorative ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Willowick Collection

Inspired by the look of French Provincial styling, the Willowick Collection lends an air of classical romanticism to your opulent bedroom. Bold c ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Urbanite Collection

Perched atop metal legs, creating a dramatic statement of contemporary styling, the Urbanite Nightstand is a perfect reflection of your modern st ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Verano Collection

Appropriate for a number of bedroom designs, the Homelegance Verano Collection is the perfect permanent canvas for your ever-evolving personal st ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Vermillion Collection

Designed for the modern traditional home, the Vermillion Collection is a light and airy take on the themes of classic style and refined elegance. ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Vestavia Collection

The contemporary styling of the Vestavia Collection provides a unique platform from which to redecorate your bedroom. Faux wood printed veneer pr ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Woodrow Collection

Industrial design is subtly used to achieve a cool look for your bedroom in the Woodrow Collection. Dark metal hardware and corner banding with r ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Wrangell Collection

Crafted in the transitional style, the Wrangell Collection is the perfect addition to your home. The open-shelf footboard creates instant eye app ... (read more)

Homelegance Furniture Zoey Collection

Redefining elegance and grandeur, the bedroom set from the Zoey Collection by Homelegance is the perfect addition to modern bedroom settings. The ... (read more)
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  1. Abbeville Collection (17)
  2. Arcadia Collection (9)
  3. Antoinetta Collection (15)
  4. Alonza Collection (10)
  5. Allura Collection (43)
  6. Alyssa Collection (6)
  7. Avondale Collection (9)
  8. Barbary Collection (7)
  9. Bartly Collection (13)
  10. Baylesford Collection (7)
  11. Barbour Collection (7)
  12. Beaver Creek Collection (9)
  13. Beechnut Collection (18)
  14. Begonia Collection (7)
  15. Bethel Collection (6)
  16. Bevelle Collection (9)
  17. Birman Collection (7)
  18. Bolingbrook Collection (7)
  19. Bonaventure Park Collection (8)
  20. Blaire Farm Collection (8)
  21. Bracco Collection (7)
  22. Brigette Collection (7)
  23. Cardona Collection (8)
  24. Catalonia Collection (14)
  25. Cavalier Collection (7)
  26. Celandine Collection (10)
  27. Chateau Brown Collection (9)
  28. Cinderella Collection (30)
  29. Copley Collection (10)
  30. Cotterill Collection (21)
  31. Clematis Collection (7)
  32. Clementine Collection (14)
  33. Chesky Collection (7)
  34. Cumberland Collection (9)
  35. Davi Collection (9)
  36. Deryn Park Collection (11)
  37. Dijon Collection (9)
  38. Dijon II Collection (4)
  39. Edina Collection (9)
  40. Erwan Collection (7)
  41. Eunice Collection (8)
  42. Fondren Collection (7)
  43. Fostoria Collection (7)
  44. Frazier Collection (7)
  45. Galen Collection (24)
  46. Garcia Collection (10)
  47. Granbury Collection (7)
  48. Grandover Collection (6)
  49. Greenfield Collection (7)
  50. Griggs Collection (7)
  51. Gulfton Collection (3)
  52. Hammond Collection (7)
  53. Hillridge Collection (7)
  54. Hillcrest Manor Collection (7)
  55. Holverson Collection (7)
  56. Ingrando Collection (7)
  57. Jerrick Collection (7)
  58. Kalette Collection (6)
  59. Kerren Collection (8)
  60. Korlan Collection (7)
  61. Langston Collection (5)
  62. Langsat Collection (6)
  63. Larchmont Collection (7)
  64. Laurelin Collection (12)
  65. Lavonia Collection (10)
  66. Leavitt Collection (7)
  67. Liatris Collection (7)
  68. Libretto Collection (7)
  69. Lonan Collection (9)
  70. Loudon Collection (18)
  71. Lucida Collection (7)
  72. Lyer Collection (7)
  73. Lyric Collection (23)
  74. Mandan Collection (18)
  75. Marianne Collection (20)
  76. Marston Collection (8)
  77. Mayville Collection (40)
  78. Meghan Collection (26)
  79. Miter Collection (7)
  80. Montvail Collection (8)
  81. Mont Belvieu Collection (8)
  82. Moritz Collection (8)
  83. Narcine Collection (6)
  84. Norhill Collection (6)
  85. Orion Collection (17)
  86. Parnell Collection (7)
  87. Paula Collection (13)
  88. Pell Collection (7)
  89. Pottery Collection (17)
  90. Porter Collection (7)
  91. Quinby Collection (9)
  92. Rachelle Collection (7)
  93. Raku Collection (15)
  94. Renly Collection (8)
  95. Ridgewood Collection (6)
  96. Robindell Collection (7)
  97. Rowe Collection (15)
  98. Royal Highlands Collection (7)
  99. Sedley Collection (7)
  100. Seldovia Collection (7)
  101. Simpson Collection (6)
  102. Summerlin Collection (8)
  103. Schleiger Collection (7)
  104. Syracuse II Collection (8)
  105. Tamsin Collection (9)
  106. Taulon Collection (7)
  107. Terrace Collection (14)
  108. Waldorf Collection (9)
  109. Weaver Collection (7)
  110. Wellsummer Collection (16)
  111. Willowick Collection (10)
  112. Urbanite Collection (8)
  113. Verano Collection (8)
  114. Vermillion Collection (7)
  115. Vestavia Collection (9)
  116. Woodrow Collection (15)
  117. Wrangell Collection (8)
  118. Zoey Collection (5)
  1. Black (2)
  2. Espresso (1)
  3. Rich Cherry (1)
  4. Black (2)
  5. Cherry (12)
  6. Dark (2)
  7. White (2)
  8. Black (2)
  9. Espresso (1)
  10. Rich Cherry (1)
  11. Black (2)
  12. Cherry (12)
  13. Dark (2)
  14. White (2)
  15. Other Colors (1)
  1. Flat Panel (1084)
  2. Modern (20)
  3. Traditional (3)
  4. Flat Panel (1084)
  5. Modern (20)
  6. Traditional (3)
  1. California King (41)
  2. Full (117)
  3. King (Eastern King) (216)
  4. Queen (260)
  5. Twin (108)
  6. California King (41)
  7. Full (117)
  8. King (Eastern King) (216)
  9. Queen (260)
  10. Twin (108)
  1. Bed (557)
  2. Chest (308)
  3. Dresser (293)
  4. Nightstand (285)
  5. Mirror (281)
  6. Bedroom Set (152)
  7. Mattress and Foundation (98)
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  2. Classic (82)
  3. Contemporary (320)
  4. Cottage (33)
  5. Country (5)
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  8. Casual (66)
  9. Classic (82)
  10. Contemporary (320)
  11. Cottage (33)
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  13. Modern (190)
  14. Rustic (51)
  15. Traditional (388)
  16. Transitional (291)
  1. Panel (268)
  2. Platform (118)
  3. Sleigh (111)
  4. Storage (100)
  5. Bunk Bed (39)
  6. Poster (25)
  7. Arch (22)
  8. Arch (22)
  9. Bookcase (10)
  10. Bunk Bed (39)
  11. Headboard (5)
  12. Other (4)
  13. Panel (268)
  14. Platform (118)
  15. Poster (25)
  16. Slat (6)
  17. Sleigh (111)
  18. Storage (100)
  19. Youth (5)
  1. Wood (1276)
  2. Glass (160)
  3. Upholstered (113)
  4. Metal (41)
  5. Leather (24)
  6. Acrylic (10)
  7. Other (5)
  8. Acrylic (10)
  9. Bi-cast Vinyl (4)
  10. Fabric (2)
  11. Faux Leather (2)
  12. Glass (160)
  13. Leather (24)
  14. Marble (4)
  15. Metal (41)
  16. Other (5)
  17. Polyurethane (2)
  18. Upholstered (113)
  19. Wood (1276)
  1. Gray (223)
  2. White (187)
  3. Cherry (143)
  4. Brown (113)
  5. Black (103)
  6. Espresso (80)
  7. Natural (57)

Showing 1 - 16 of 1279 product results

Showing 1 - 16 of 1279 product results

Founded in California in 1984, Homelegance, Inc. wholesales furniture in the United States, Canada and other countries in the world.

Our catalog includes dining, bedroom, and occasional collections, as well as sofas and chairs, entertainment and home office, youth, futons, and daybeds, accessories, bombes, and curios.

Our mission is to offer various products with style, value, quality and variety to dealers and local retailers domestically and internationally.

Through years of growing and expanding, we now have locations in San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Fe Springs, California; Phoenix, Arizona; El Paso, Grand Prairie, and Houston, Texas; Bensenville, Illinois; High Point, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Cranbury, New Jersey; Orlando, Florida; and Concord and Vancouver, Canada.

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