Pulaski Furniture Collections

If you’re looking for a true American company with American values, look no further than Pulaski Furniture Corporation. They have an incredible history reflecting a dedication to their employees and their communities, and a desire to produce beautiful furniture fo... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Arabella Collection

Elegant style with romantic designs and ornate detailing. The Arabella Bedroom Collection has distinct style with details that make a statement. ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Aderdeen Collection

Aderdeen Collection by Pulaski Furniture One of the country’s best-known furniture brands, Pulaski Furniture is synonymous with outstandi ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Bedford Heights Collection

The architectural molding and carvings are generous in scale on this traditional Bedford Heights Bedroom Collection by Pulaski Furniture. The ric ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Bristol Collection

Create a timeless, classic feel with this elegantly crafted bedroom collection. Capture the European experience with the fine, intricate details ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Caldwell Collection

Employing classic styling and architectural elements, the Caldwell bedroom collection brings a sense of substance and heritage to today's homes. ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Campbell Street Collection

Give your home a classic, yet lived in look and feel with a selection from this attractive bedroom collection. The Campbell Street collection is ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Carmen Collection

The Carmen Bedroom Collection by Pulaski Furniture is a collection that is perfect as the center of attention in your room. A mix of select hardw ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Cydney Collection

Give your bedroom some unique, glamorous style with this five drawer chest. The piece is constructed from swirly white ash veneers over poplar so ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture D326 Collection

This wooden Shaker Style Queen Platform Bed adds a classic yet modern Farmhouse touch to any home. Designed for use with a mattress only (not inc ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture District 3 Collection

Distinctive and self-assured, the District 3 Bedroom Collection by Pulaski Furniture has strong modern lines and an inviting, livable appearance. ... (read more)

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Pulaski Furniture Glendale Estates Collection

The Glendale Estates Bedroom Collection by Pulaski Furniture fresh traditional styling creates handsome functional pieces that are impressive, ye ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Hudson Collection

Unique transitional styling gives Hudson Bedroom Collection by Pulaski Furniture a dramatic appearance. Dimensional diamond panels are finished i ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Durango Ridge Collection

Create a bedroom that you can call home with the Durango Ridge Bedroom Collection. With a variety of pieces to complete your room, the Durango Ri ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Farrah Collection

The Farrah Bedroom Collection is rich with glamorous accents and luxurious detailing. Complete your bedroom with everything from the bed to dress ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Lasalle Collection

One of the countrys best-known furniture brands, Pulaski Furniture is synonymous with outstanding craftsmanship and refined style. Continuously i ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Kingsbury Collection

The Kingsbury Bedroom Collection by Pulaski Furniture is a generously scaled, lavish collection in the European tradition. Carved elements and pr ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Madison Ridge Collection

The Madison Ridge Bedroom Collection by Pulaski Furniture is a larger scale transitional collection with traditional elements. The pilaster on th ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Meyers Park Collection

Enhance the bright and airy nature of your bedroom with this attractive low profile bed. The slight touches of classic design in the legs of the ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Ravena Collection

Ravena with its exuberant shapes and livable scale creates a refined, yet casual retreat for homes ranging from a mountain lodge to a suburban dw ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Reece Collection

Softly sumptuous, the Reece Bedroom Collection by Pulaski Furniture employs a mix of creamy neutral finishes and delicate curves for an airy "Art ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Rhianna Collection

Elegant and sumptuous, Rhianna envelopes you in total luxury. The aged silver patina finish enhances sinuously curved shapes and French influence ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture San Mateo Collection

If you’re looking to add a little style and elegance to your bedroom furniture, look no further than the San Mateo Collection by Pulaski Fu ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Simply Charming Collection

The Simply Charming bedroom collection captures European country style. Carefully selected cracked oak veneers are finished in a warm weathered g ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Sutton Place Collection

Bring your bedroom a modern look with this contemporary Sutton Place bedroom collection. These pieces feature sleek lines and metal accents and h ... (read more)

Pulaski Furniture Tangerine 330 Sable Collection

The Tangerine 330 bedroom set combines extraordinary functionality and design with a surprisingly affordable price. Sleek lines, shuttered accent ... (read more)
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  1. Bed (124)
  2. Chest (67)
  3. Nightstand (38)
  4. Dresser (37)
  5. Mirror (36)
  6. Headboard Only (21)
  7. Bedroom Set (20)
  8. Armoire (1)
  9. Bed (124)
  10. Bedroom Set (20)
  11. Bench (12)
  12. Chair (5)
  13. Chest (67)
  14. Desk (1)
  15. Desk Chair (1)
  16. Dresser (37)
  17. Headboard Only (21)
  18. Mattress and Foundation (16)
  19. Media Chest (19)
  20. Mirror (36)
  21. Nightstand (38)
  22. Other Items (2)
  23. Ottoman (1)
  24. Stool (4)
  25. Vanity (7)
  1. Arch (2)
  2. Headboard (22)
  3. Other (1)
  4. Panel (114)
  5. Platform (13)
  6. Sleigh (4)
  7. Arch (2)
  8. Headboard (22)
  9. Other (1)
  10. Panel (114)
  11. Platform (13)
  12. Sleigh (4)
  1. Fabric (17)
  2. Glass (34)
  3. Metal (16)
  4. Other (4)
  5. Polyester (11)
  6. Upholstered (90)
  7. Wood (302)
  8. Fabric (17)
  9. Glass (34)
  10. Metal (16)
  11. Other (4)
  12. Polyester (11)
  13. Upholstered (90)
  14. Wood (302)
  1. Other Colors (61)
  2. Gray (53)
  3. White (44)
  4. Brown (40)
  5. Silver (25)
  6. Black (18)
  7. Taupe (13)
  8. Antique White (2)
  9. Beige (11)
  10. Black (18)
  11. Blue (6)
  12. Brown (40)
  13. Cafe (1)
  14. Cappuccino (9)
  15. Champagne (1)
  16. Chestnut (2)
  17. Cream (3)
  18. Dark Brown (1)
  19. Dark Wood (11)
  20. Gold (8)
  21. Gray (53)
  22. Green (1)
  23. Ivory (1)
  24. Light (9)
  25. Linen White (1)
  26. Metallic (9)
  27. Natural (5)
  28. Oak (1)
  29. Other Colors (61)
  30. Silver (25)
  31. Slate (1)
  32. Taupe (13)
  33. Two-tone Brown (1)
  34. White (44)

If you’re looking for a true American company with American values, look no further than Pulaski Furniture Corporation. They have an incredible history reflecting a dedication to their employees and their communities, and a desire to produce beautiful furniture for customers around the world.

Located at One Pulaski Square in Pulaski, Virginia, the history of Pulaski furniture begins with its founding in 1955. After the closing of the RCA Victor Radio Case plant seven years prior, the town of Pulaski had gone through an economic depression, and work was hard to find. That is, of course, until the founders of Pulaski Furniture opened the old RCA plant site as Pulaski Veneer and Furniture Corporation.

When financial difficulties in the early years required the issuance of partial paychecks, employees were paid with ham and flour and other food staples from the family farm belonging to one of the furniture company’s founders. Fortunately, the hard times passed, and Pulaski Furniture became a true American icon among not just furniture manufacturers but among corporations of all types. It remains one of the largest employers in the region, and has provided training for its employees in order to maximize worker retention even as technology has led to the increased use of machines in place of people. When you purchase Pulaski Furniture, you can be proud knowing that you are supporting a company which has kept its small town values, resulting in overwhelming economic success.

Pulaski Furniture includes some of the most intricately designed wood bedroom furniture that you’ll find anywhere. Take a look through our incredible inventory – we are certain that we have something for everyone.

We at Bedroom Furniture Discounts are proud to offer furnishings from Pulaski Furniture, and we congratulate them on their 70 years as a true American success story.

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