Pulaski Furniture - Polyester

If you’re looking for a true American company with American values, look no further than Pulaski Furniture Corporation. They have an incredible history reflecting a dedication to their employees and their communities, and a desire to produce beautiful furniture for customers around the world.

Located at One Pulaski Square in Pulaski, Virginia, the history of Pulaski furniture begins with its founding in 1955. After the closing of the RCA Victor Radio Case plant seven years prior, the town of Pulaski had gone through an economic depression, and work was hard to find. That is, of course, until the founders of Pulaski Furniture opened the old RCA plant site as Pulaski Veneer and Furniture Corporation.

When financial difficulties in the early years required the issuance of partial paychecks, employees were paid with ham and flour and other food staples from the family farm belonging to one of the furniture company’s founders. Fortunately, the hard times passed, and Pulaski Furniture became a true American icon among not just furniture manufacturers but among corporations of all types. It remains one of the largest employers in the region, and has provided training for its employees in order to maximize worker retention even as technology has led to the increased use of machines in place of people. When you purchase Pulaski Furniture, you can be proud knowing that you are supporting a company which has kept its small town values, resulting in overwhelming economic success.

Pulaski Furniture includes some of the most intricately designed wood bedroom furniture that you’ll find anywhere. Take a look through our incredible inventory – we are certain that we have something for everyone.

We at Bedroom Furniture Discounts are proud to offer furnishings from Pulaski Furniture, and we congratulate them on their 70 years as a true American success story.

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