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Modern Bedroom Sets

Contemporary design styles have increased in popularity in recent years. Many homeowners want their bedrooms to showcase a modern, luxurious style with simple, high-quality furniture pieces and a neutral color palette. However, choosing items that match your contemporary design ideas and work together cohesively can be a challenge. 

Our modern bedroom sets take the guesswork out of choosing the right furniture pieces. These sets include three to four high-quality furniture pieces, such as beds, dressers, nightstands, and mirrors, all matching each other and featuring a sleek and modern look. 

Our selection of contemporary bedroom sets can elevate your room by providing the perfect blend of clean, crisp lines, neutral colors, and sleek materials. 

Contemporary Bed Styles

Choosing the perfect bed type is the first step in transforming your room into a contemporary oasis. Our filter options make it easy to choose a bedroom set that includes the bed size and material you need to create your perfect space. Once you've found the one you like, just add it to the shopping cart.

Our modern bedroom sets come with various bed styles and frames, ranging from platform beds to canopy beds to California king-size frames. We also offer durable frame material options such as stainless steel, wood, and glass that can each add a contemporary feeling to your room. 

Sleek Gray Furniture Sets

Adding gray furniture to a light-colored room is an effective way to create the modern design style that many homeowners covet. Our sleek gray furniture sets include a matching bed, nightstand, and dresser in a stylish dark color palette that will instantly make your modern bedroom appear more elegant. 

Pair your furniture with a black rug and accent lighting to further capture that contemporary theme. 

Light and Airy White Furniture Sets

Another popular modern design style combines bright daylight with simple white or light-colored furniture items. Small bedrooms benefit the most from white or cream furniture because these colors help cramped spaces feel larger. 

Several of our modern bedroom collections feature glossy-white, light gray, and cream tones that will brighten up dull or dark spaces. These sets often include a matching light-colored nightstand, bed, and dresser, all of which pair perfectly with white walls, plush carpet, or hardwood floors. 

Walnut Furniture Sets

Walnut is no longer just for the dining room table! Many modern design spaces feature natural wood, so decorating your bedroom with rich walnut furniture will be an easy way to create a luxurious, modern-but-classic space. We offer several furniture sets that feature an attractive walnut bed frame material, nightstand, and dresser alongside bronze or nickel accents. 

Pair your walnut bed set with light wall color and an elegant chandelier to maximize the modern atmosphere of your room. 

Shop Our Bedroom Collection

Purchasing a luxurious modern bedroom set is an easy way to transform a bare room into a contemporary paradise. Your bedroom furniture acts as a foundation for the rest of your room's style, and once you choose the perfect set, you can further enhance your space with modern room decor items and staging

Our wide variety of modern bedroom furniture sets can meet your design needs no matter your bed size, price range, or style. Shop our collection today to begin the process of creating an elegant, contemporary, high-end bedroom space in your home. Fill your cart and proceed through the checkout process, and we will deliver throughout the United States.


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