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7 Reasons Why Ashley’s North Shore Set is #1


Ashley Furniture’s North Shore Bedroom is America’s most popular bedroom set. Why?

Visiting the furniture manufacturers in North Carolina every few months, I see lots of new designs. Some blow me away on the spot, while others seem to permeate my sub-conscious over time, growing on me like grapevines on a trellis year after year.

When I first saw the Ashley North Shore a few years ago in Ashley’s giant North Carolina showroom, I had both experiences: it immediately impressed me and continued to grow on me as time went by. Here are my top 7 reasons why the North Shore bedroom set is so incredibly popular. Why do you think it is the most popular bedroom set in America?

1. The Style
The North Shore set is so ornate and yet elegant at the same time. It features lots of lavish curves and details, but manages to keep a beautiful simplicity. The timeless style takes the best from traditional furniture design and modern sensibilities of sophistication; the result is a breathtaking bedroom set.

2. The Price
As luxurious as the North Shore bedroom set is, the price is extremely accessible. I honestly don’t know how they can offer them at such reasonable prices without sacrificing one bit of quality. However they do manage to do it, we’re all the richer for it.

3. Quality Materials
Made with marvelous and sturdy hardwood, not to mention the beautiful marble inlays, the North Shore set is constructed with quality materials through and through. Seeing it in person, touching it, and lying on it make the premium construction obvious. High quality at a great price, who could say no to that?

4. Perfect Size
Available in all the standard sizes, the North Shore bedroom set is an impressive size without being too overwhelming. It makes for a clear centerpiece of the room, but doesn’t threaten to dominate it. If you’ll allow me to get a little feng shui, the size of the pieces really balances the flow of the room beautifully.

5. Little Details
The North Shore set is covered in ornate details. From the swirling ribbon accents to the subtle seashell emblems and gorgeous floral adornments, you’ll constantly be discovering another little detail that makes this set so special.

6. Cohesive Features
The standard North Shore set, which includes the bed frame, nightstand, dresser, and mirror, beautifully reflect each other’s features and make for a cohesive set. A little detail here, a subtle pattern there will be repeated throughout the pieces like a motif through a symphony.

7. Additional Pieces Available
All that I’ve mentioned above is enough to make the North Shore bedroom set the most popular in the country, but there’s even more: Ashley also offers matching chest, armoire, media chest, lamps, rug, and bench pieces that are a part of the complete set. You’re free to pick and choose which pieces go best in your home.

Ashley North Shore Bedroom

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