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Bed Frames For Bedroom Sets


Bed frames include but are not limited to bed rails, foot-boards and head-boards. Actually, there is a large selection when it comes to designing your bedroom with bed frames.

Foot-boards and head-boards are usually made up of a few materials – usually a mix of wood, leather or other fabrics and some paint. Steel or iron is usually for the bed rails.

Bed frames are usually built to be able to hold a head-board (sometimes the foot-board as well). If you’re planning to buy both a head-board and a foot-board, look out for bed frames which could attach both.

Knock down fittings are usually used for locking in the bed rails and frames to the bed posts. Knock down fittings are very easy to take apart. A few types of knock down fittings include:

  • Hook with pin fastener: mortise slots are cut in a vertical manner
  • Hook with plate fastener: eye plates are used instead of pins
  • Bed bolts: bolts are drilled into the holes in bed posts for fastening


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