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Bedroom Furniture Sets

Modern Or Old School Beds?

Beds come with their own style and theme and the one you choose can affect the entire look of your home. What many people have to think about before buying their beds is whether they want a very modern looking bed or whether they want something a little more dated. The question can only be […]

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Chart of Bed and Mattress Sizes

Shopping for beds may be a bit more complicated than what you think, but Mattress sale canada can help you out.  Apart from the various bed frame types to consider, such as platform beds, storage beds, loft beds, bunk beds, or canopy beds, you will need to consider the mattress type like smart foam, air […]

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Bed Frames For Bedroom Sets

Bed frames include but are not limited to bed rails, foot-boards and head-boards. Actually, there is a large selection when it comes to designing your bedroom with bed frames. Foot-boards and head-boards are usually made up of a few materials – usually a mix of wood, leather or other fabrics and some paint. Steel or […]

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