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Eastern King vs California King and Counter Height vs Bar Height


Episode 3 talks about the difference of Eastern King bed vs California King bed and the difference of Counter Height chair vs Bar Height chair

Eastern King bed vs California King bed

(Eastern) King 76″ 80″ Standard King – wider by 16 inches than Queen, same length;
This is the ideal size if you have the space in your bedroom and is the most popular size of beds in America.
California King 72″ 84″ Not as wide but longer than a standard King (4 inches narrower than King and 4 inches longer)
– Good for tall people
– Popular in California
– Not all collections have this size available
Its harder to find sheets this size

Counter Height chair vs Bar Height chair

Standard Height Tables:
Pros: Standard Height Tables are more common and therefore available in more sizes, designs and finishes than counter height tables. Most people find standard height tables are more comfortable to sit at because their feet touch the ground while they are seated. They are also a better height for disabled people, as a counter height table is too tall for a person who sits in a wheelchair. Finally, standard height tables are considered more formal than counter height tables and might be a better fit into a formal themed dining area because of this.

Counter Height/Gathering Tables:
A Counter Height Table, with its additional height can be used near the kitchen for an additional prep area. Counter Height Tables are also considered more casual, and make it easier to converse with others standing in the room. They give the illusion of taking up less space than a lower table and can work well in small areas. Because Counter Height Tables are considered less formal, they create a more relaxed, casual atmosphere than sitting at a lower, more formal table. Counter stools are typically in the 22”-24” range.

Bar Height Tables:
These tables are typically around 40″-42″ in height. Therefore, the bar stools are in the 28″-30″ range. Bar height furniture is most commonly used with home bars but can also be found in some pub sets and counter set ups. These tables often be mistaken for Counter Height Tables and vice-a-versa. The advantages of a Bar Height Table are the same as Counter Height Table but even more-so. They are extremely casual, as the difference between standing and sitting is even more blurred. They are tall and thin, and can fit in places where no traditional table could. Bar Height tables are perfect for creating casual seating in a relaxed atmosphere.


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