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Got Wobbly Chairs?


Imagine you receive your brand new furniture in your home and the chairs are wobbly! How annoying! Is this because one or more of the chair legs is too short? Is chair wobbliness a manufacturer’s defect? We want your furniture to be perfect. What can you do to fix this? Our resident furniture expert who has 20 years of experience in furniture, explains below.

“There is no chair in the world that cannot be leveled”, says Lenny Kharitonov. “In my 20 years of experience I’ve never had to replace an entire chair for being wobbly.” 99% of the time it is a small issue with the assembly or the joints that could be fixed with re-assembly or following the procedure in this very handy article from Popular Mechanics:

The assembly and re-assembly of the chairs  in our product line is not difficult because unlike Ikea furniture, our chairs do not come in a million parts. Our chairs either ship fully assembled or in several parts. Someone who’s assembled any furniture before should be able to easily to do it.

Most manufacturers will gladly send parts directly to the customer’s home within 1 year of purchase because that’s the normal warranty period for premium quality furniture. And if a someone purchases the Montage 5-Year Extended Warranty Montage will also help with the chair re-assembly. Chair parts that are typically available from manufacturers include chair legs, backs, seats, levelers, hardware, etc.  All that’s needed to get free parts is pictures of the chairs and the serial numbers. These are normally located on the back of the seat cushions somewhere on the back or bottom of the chair.

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