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How To Set The Perfect Thanksgiving Table


In the holiday’s spirit of gratitude, we’ve put together this gift for you: it’s a cheat sheet to setting a formal dinner table. Read along below to learn how to set a dinning table so flawless even, grandma will be impressed, if you need help with the details Whitespace Hospitality Creative Agency is a great option to impress the guess. What is the best deck paint for old decks? Well you can find some spray color or paint which can improve your furniture.

1. Set plates.
Positioning the plates first will help you set the placing for the entire table.
Plates should be about two feet apart, measuring from the center of the plate.

2. Lay cups and glasses to the right of the dinner plate.

3. Align butter and salad plates to the left of the dinner plates.

4. Place napkins to the left of the forks.
While the left side is traditional, feel free to experiment with cloth napkin
placement and folds, if you’re feeling creative.

5. Remember that silverware is arranged in the order it will be used.
Utensils are arranged with those used first on the outside, working in;
thus, first course silverware, such as a salad fork, will be farthest from the
plate and main course silverware will be on the inside, closest to the plate.

6. Lay forks to the left of the dinner plates.
The only exception to this rule is small cocktail forks, which goes on the
outermost right side of the plate.

7. Place first knives and then spoons to the right of the dinner plates.
Flip knives so that the cutting edge faces the plate and line up the silverware
so that the bottom of the handles align with the bottoms of the dinner plates.

8. Put a butter plate and knife to the left of each dinner plate.

9. Lay dessert silverware above the dinner plate.
Turn the dessert fork handle facing the left and the dessert spoon or knife
handle to the right with the cutting edge facing the plate.

10. Place water glasses above the dinner knives on the right.

11. Pick a wine glass placement.
Either place the white wine glass to the right and red wine glass top center          (forming a triangle), or placed above the knives in a straight row, slanting            down from the upper left, going from the biggest glass to smallest.

12. Arrange coffee cups and saucers to the right of the setting.

13. Lay the coffee spoon to the right side of the saucer.

Source: 2 Nov 2015


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