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Vanity Desks

Vanity tables are elegant, practical pieces of furniture that add a sense of sophistication to any home. 

A century ago, the traditional role of the vanity was a convenient place where a woman could sit in front of a mirror to style her hair and apply makeup. Most of these vanities are now antiques. However, many people today use vanities as desks or dressers, admiring their design and incorporating them into a 21st-century aesthetic. 

Our vanities at Bedroom Furniture Discounts are high-quality reproductions modeled on those antique or mid-century styles. We provide spacious drawer storage and roomy tabletops, making them versatile furniture pieces that will suit your aesthetic and functional needs. 

Whether you are looking for a classic, antique-style piece or would prefer the look of a modern, solid-wood vanity desk, you can find the perfect vanity option at an affordable rate on our site. Even better, our fast and affordable delivery means you can enjoy your new piece in a matter of days. 

Makeup Vanities

Makeup vanity pieces offer ample drawer space to store beauty products, jewelry, ties, or any other accessories you would like to have within reach. They typically feature a spacious table top and mirror, creating the perfect spot to lay out your products for your morning routine. 

Our makeup tables come in a range of styles and materials to suit the decor in your home. Choose an antique option to add a sense of regal beauty, or go with a contemporary piece to complement your new-age aesthetic. Made of solid and manufactured wood, adult assembly required for most models.


Antique vanities are classy, stylish pieces that evoke images of ageless royalty or classic movie stars. Many of our antique options feature embellished details such as glass table-tops, diamond knobs, and bronze or silver finishes. Some also come with arched mirrors featuring beautiful beveled-edge designs or floral decorative carving. 

Consider displaying a bouquet in a fancy vase, lighting a few cozy candles, or adding an elegant table lamp to make your antique vanity pop


Modern vanities offer all of the functionality of antique versions but in a clean, straightforward design. They often feature straight, hard edges, thin, angular legs, and stacked drawers as part of their contemporary design style. Though they may not be statement pieces, they will smoothly complement other modern furniture items in your bedroom. 

Our modern vanities feature stylish builds of manufactured wood or solid wood (adult assembly required) to showcase a sleek, contemporary look. Many of our contemporary pieces also include modern attributes such as faux stone or metal details, bronze or silver knobs, a polished wood finish, or a stainless-steel material trim. 

Desk Vanities

Many people have begun using vanities in their home offices rather than desks. These pieces provide the perfect space to work from home and store office supplies without creating the clunky, industrial feel that often comes with traditional desks. 

If you're looking for a classic, beautiful small desk for a laptop, for example, you may look for a simple base with antique-sculpted feet and a creamy-pearl manufactured wood material. For a modern look, check out pieces featuring a dark walnut wood or silver-finish material. 

We recommend anchoring your vanity piece to the wall to keep it in place during use. 

Fast Delivery for Vanities 

Shop our stylish vanity pieces today to find the perfect dressing table for your home. We offer fast delivery and affordable shipping costs for our antique and modern vanities, and our customer service team is available to answer any of your questions. 

Made of solid and manufactured wood, adult assembly is required for most vanities. Please visit our online store to explore our entire line of vanities.

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